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Duvall Print & Post is not your average print shop. We take print quality exceptionally seriously and specialize in a very specific range of printing that we do expertly. We can handle all of your small format (from 1"x1" commercial labels up to 13"x19" photos and everything in between) printing and copying needs. We have an array of print hardware including some of the best digital press(laser), giclee (photo printing), reverse transfer card printers, slitters, creasers, and more printing hardware available. We color profile all of our printers and high end screen setups in house and use some of the best profiling hardware and software on the market. We maintain a delta E of < 3 from GRACoL. We can accept most print file formats and are happy to work with you to design or perfect your print requirements. We stock a variety of paper sizes, weights, and types including a few synthetic/water proof options. With everything in house we can often complete jobs same day.

Our Equipment

We utilize high end color digital press (laser) printer to ensure the best quality prints at very affordable pricing. We also use 1600 dpi photo printer for giclee printing up to 13x19. We also have high resolution reverse transfer ID/PVC card printers for all of your gift card/id card/membership and magstripe card needs.

Premium Resolution Printing

Our printers print at true 1200dpi, while most other professional printers are still printing at 600dpi or less. Higher dpi (dots per inch) help to give the finest level of quality without jagged edges or color blur. We also use production grade software from leaders including Microsoft and Adobe to handle your jobs.

Versatile Medium Options

From some of the heaviest (350+gsm) paper to vellum and transparency support we have your printing needs covered. Fast We can also print your media out fast at over 50 pages per minute. Jobs can be turned around while you wait or same day for even many of the largest jobs.

Card Printing

We can do a wide variety of card printing for a much more professional and permanent solution than standard lamination. Our PVC composite card printing provides lasting results on credit card size cards for a variety of uses. We can do ID cards/badges, gift cards, reward cards, membership cards, and magstripe cards for a few examples. We can do runs as small as just one card up to thousands of cards and its all done in house. Our cards are high resolution reverse transfer cards which are far more durable, with brighter colors and full bleed (edge to edge) printing over standard pvc/composite card printers. This makes the cards scratch resistant, longer lasting, and provides a very professional look verses lower end / direct to card printers. We can even do magstripe data encoding onto the cards with unique serial numbers or other information for gift cards or other functions. Cards can also pull data from a database or file to support unique information (person's name, picture, etc) on each card. We can also do dual sided cards, hologram printing, custom UV design printing, and printing on a variety of smart cards.

File Formats

We prefer files in the following order:
  • Vector Graphics (SVG,SVGZ)
  • Adobe In Design (INDD)
  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
  • Adobe Illustrator (AI,AIT,EPS,PS)
  • Microsoft Office/Publisher (PUB,DOC,DOCX,XLS, XLSX,RTF)
  • PDF / Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Corel Draw (CDR)
  • File Format & File Size

    The best option is to try and give us the picture in the original format and the largest size. Do not convert the picture prior to sending it to us as it can only degrade the photo, any conversion we can do. The larger the file size (more megapixels / higher resolution) the better and will give you the best results for your photos.

    Image Correction and Color Matching

    We can do image correction (color, tone, low light correction, sharpening, and noise reduction) for your photos. For in house work we can also do Pantone color matching. We can generate print profiles for your specific target paper to ensure the most accurate color reproduction.

    Paper Options

    Duvall Print & Post carries a wide selection of paper and medium options to suit your needs. We can print sizes up to 13"x19". We carry a variety of paper thicknesses/weights from 16lb bond(60gsm) to 170 lb index(309gsm) with weights perfect for everything from brochures and advertising to heavy card stocks for business cards, invitations, and presentations. We also carry a variety of paper finishes including:
  • Matte
  • Glossy/Photo
  • Textured
  • Super Bright (98-100 brightness)
  • Astro/Neon Bright Colors
  • Pastel Colors
  • Transparencies
  • Labels
  • Resume Paper
  • Window Cling
  • Synthetic / Water Proof
  • We utilize a variety of paper suppliers and special order papers can generally be in stock next day or two day. Let us help you find the perfect medium for your print material!


    All of our print and copy products feature quantity discounts starting at just 25 copies. We are happy to do single runs (1 copy) of items too. There are no setup/run fees or submission fees just pay per copy. Any modification/creation work is billed in 5 minute increments at an hourly rate of $30-$45 an hour. Actual per-copy pricing varies based on color/black and white, paper type, paper weight, single or double sided, and paper size. For exact pricing for your job please contact us. We strive to provide the best pricing and quality to our customers, if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them and work with you. We also don't charge for printing from a computer or email vs making copies. To us a print is a print.

    Cost Savings

    Many customers save time, money, and effort over handling print jobs in house let us be your printer and you won't regret it! With any photo printing you can choose to have us optimize or tweak your photos to provide the best color balance and most vibrant colors. We are happy to work with you to help you achieve the exact look for your print media. We can work on individual piece modifications or media in bulk with general improvements.