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Duvall Print & Post Shipping Difference

Why choose Duvall Print & Post?

Duvall Print & Post offers great customer service, shipping rate comparison shopping, and our considerable expertise. It may be cheaper to ship some very small items at the Post Office, but is saving a few dollars really worth the additional hassle? We offer multiple shipping options to ensure you will find the best shipment method for your needs. We have staff members who have be shipping for Duvall for over a decade and help to bring all that experience to your shipments! We also provide email notification for tracking and delivery along with carrying any packing materials you may need. We also take care of any packaging you may need. Besides our many other services, we will always have a smile ready for you. We believe that our business is built on great customer relationships. We work hard to earn your business.

Remove the Hassle

We won't make you fill out any forms like the Post Office does – we will handle all the paperwork for you, for both domestic and international shipments, including customs documentation. Our labels include both the sender and recipient addresses on them, and if you have shipped to a certain address with us before you won't even need to bring in the address again – we'll just pull it up in our system for you. You don't need to wait while we package your shipment or address it - just give us the information and we will get you out the door in a flash. We will automatically email you the tracking numbers, and you can call to check on your package (or get the tracking number) without issue. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your shipment, we will handle it for you, whether the package is late or you need to file an insurance claim. We take the worry out of the shipping experience!


While you can see our packaging page for more details on our packaging service, there are a few things to keep in mind if you're packaging things yourself. If you are reusing a box, please make sure that it is in good condition, otherwise insurance claims can be denied. Most carriers require 3" of protection around fragile items and insufficient packaging is the #1 reason claims are denied.

Some USPS Gotchas

When visiting the Post Office make sure you ask for all of the rates, as they may not quote every service available. For example, they may not mention Parcel Post or First Class Mail, and if you grab certain packaging it may limit your options. Also keep in mind that you generally have to wait at least 30 days before filing an insurance claim for lost packages with the Post Office.

FedEx Benefits

Our FedEx service has many benefits over competitors and for many shipments is our preferred method. Some benefits of shipping with us via FedEx are guaranteed delivery dates, delivery scheduling, and the ability to have packages held at a local FedEx location. For further details on the many benefits of FedEx with us, please see our FedEx page.