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If you have something you just need to have packed or you would like to have us pack and ship something simply bring it down to Duvall Print & Post. We are happy to handle the entire packaging process and have plenty of packaging supplies including over 50 different sizes of boxes, large and small bubble wrap, custom foam, and packing peanuts. We are able to pack to carrier requirements for insurance purposes and will help to ensure your item gets to its destination without damage. We are happy to also pack your items after you leave, allowing you to come down drop the items off tell us where its going and we will handle the rest and get you out fast!

Custom Boxes

If you have an oddly shaped item or need to frequently move an item between locations we can make a custom single or double walled box tailored to your item. This allows it to ship or move as cheaply and as securely as possible. Custom boxes are made in house and can be made to any shippable size even 6+ feet. Boxes can generally be made in under an hour and best if you bring the item to be boxed in.

Custom Foam Packaging

If you have an extremely fragile item or items or need to ship an item regularly custom foam packaging can be the best solution. The foam itself never comes in direct contact with your item(plastic is always inbetween) so is fine for electronics. The foam is form fitted to whatever you are shipping and is completely reusable. This can ensure your expensive electronics or fragile items are able to be transported without issue. If you have product samples you move from location to location using packing peanuts and bubble wrap can be a hassle and also not provide proper protection. Custom foam is an easy solution that is the best way to ensure your items stay undamaged. Custom foam starts at under $10 and can work for extremely small to very large items.


Duvall Print & Post does custom crating for heavy or delicate items. Please see our Freight & Crating page for more details.